United we are strong

We are committed to organizing the for-hire passenger transportation industry in Upstate New York. We must work together to improve the services offered to public and create a more effective transportation system. We will provide members with information and resources necessary to make sound decisions that provide solutions to every day challenges into the future. Together we will advocate for fair and consistent policy at local and state level.


Traditional street hail taxi, airport taxi, and prearranged livery cab fleets must work together to advocate for comprehensive regulations for all for-hire vehicles, including transportation networking companies (TNCs).


Non-emergency medical transportation (ambulette) fleets must call for legislative budget increases to absorb the growing costs of labor and insurance while reimbursement from payers of healthcare services is inadequate pending a crisis.


Through accurate fact-finding and public education, we press for changes in policy and practice that will leave our industry with the resources it needs to best serve our communities with safe and sustainable transportation access.